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Program Management –
Most building programs consist of several phases
and the construction of multiple projects.  Program Management coordinates
the design and construction of every phase and project across the entire
building program.  This includes master planning, design oversight, scheduling,
budget establishment, and budget monitoring.

Keeping Facilities Open During Construction Planning – Many renovation
projects occur on sites and within buildings that are partially occupied by users
and must remain open for business.  PHASEOne helps clients develop construction plans that minimize the
impact of construction to the on-going site activities.  This includes construction phasing modeling and the
evaluation of the need for temporary utilities and housing.

Construction Documents and Contractor Pre-qualification – PHASEOne assembles complete
construction document packages.  We make available to our clients time-tested general conditions, which
ensure that our clients maintain control of the construction project.  PHASEOne conducts contractor pre-
qualification to eliminate shady contractors prior to the bid.  Pre-qualification includes solicitation of
contractors, evaluation of pre-qualification applications, and pre-qualification recommendations.

Bid Packaging and Advertisement – PHASEOne oversees the assembly and delivery of bid packages,
publishing advertisements for bid, soliciting contractors, conducting pre-bid conferences, conducting bid
openings, and issuing recommendations to award.  We also provide our clients with expertise in contract

Project Scheduling and Cost Loading – PHASEOne schedulers produce detailed Critical Path Method
construction schedules, master planning schedules, and design schedules.  A full range of scheduling options
is available to clients including cost loading project schedules to determine cash flow estimates.

Portable/Modular Relocation – PHASEOne provides complete services to obtain, install, commission, and
relocate temporary housing.  We have managed the installation and relocation of hundreds of portable
housing units.

Construction Management and Documentation – PHASEOne manages every aspect of construction
projects.  This includes conducting the pre-construction conference, coordinating contractors, managing
submittals and requests for information, overseeing and documenting daily construction progress, tracking
construction schedules and budgets, identifying unforeseen conditions, and overseeing contract closeout.  
PHASEOne utilizes proven construction documentation processes, which provide maximum contract control
and legal protection to our clients.

Change Order Control/ Claims Avoidance – PHASEOne’s professional experience places our clients in a
position of power in any change order negotiation.  While change orders are an unavoidable facet of
construction, we eliminate needless requests and negotiate in our client’s best interest.  Our thorough
documentation and experience in construction law allows us to limit the potential for claims.  PHASEOne
provides complete claims evaluation services.
PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc., a privately held California corporation, was incorporated in December 2003.
The company offers professional construction management services primarily to California’s K-12 school districts.
For further information, contact Jack Moore, PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc.
2335 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 972-6370  (310) 972-6377 FAX

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