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Budget/Cash Flow Projections –
PHASEOne provides budget and cash flow projection reports for clients
who are investigating the fiscal burden that a building program will produce.  We act as liaison for
construction/bond oversight committees, preparing reports and presentations as required.

Funding Evaluation – All clients want to maximize the funds available for facilities development.  PHASEOne
helps clients locate and maximize funding sources.

Bond Program Leadership – Public School Districts have the
ability to fund facilities development by passing local bonds.
PHASEOne provides comprehensive bond program leadership
including complying with all state and local bond campaign
requirements and educating the public of the facilities
conditions and bond need.  

Grant Program Management – PHASEOne assists clients in
identifying grants, writing applications and proposals, and
preparing for interviews.

Program Accounting/Audit Review – A building program places a temporary but significant burden on
clients accounting departments.  PHASEOne provides construction accounting services to minimize the impact
of the building program to the ongoing accounting services of our clients.  Accounting reviews and audits can
also be provided throughout a building program.
PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc., a privately held California corporation, was incorporated in December 2003.
The company offers professional construction management services primarily to California’s K-12 school districts.
For further information, contact Jack Moore, PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc.
2335 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 972-6370  (310) 972-6377 FAX

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