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Architect/Designer Selections –
PHASEOne provides recommendations
and oversees the selection of consultants, such as architects, engineers,
and specialty consultants.  This includes issuing Requests for Proposals
for Consulting Services, evaluating responses, conducting interviews,
recommending award, and negotiating contracts

Design Administration and Review – Throughout the design process
PHASEOne monitors design development to ensure that our client’s goals
and desires are implemented.  Detailed estimates are performed at every
stage of design to ensure budget compliance.  Continual evaluations and critiques are provided to designers
to ensure that our client receives the building it deserves.

Value Engineering/Constructibility Review – These are two of PHASEOne’s most indispensable and
popular services. Value Engineering includes reviews of designs, advising clients on cost savings options,
and pinpointing needless expenses. Constructibility Reviews consist of a thorough examination of all design
drawings and specifications to identify omissions, conflicts, and inconsistencies.

Construction Cost Estimating/Budget Containment – Accurate estimates are critical to design
development and make budget containment possible.  
PHASEOne provides a full array of estimating
PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc., a privately held California corporation, was incorporated in December 2003.
The company offers professional construction management services primarily to California’s K-12 school districts.
For further information, contact Jack Moore, PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc.
2335 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 972-6370  (310) 972-6377 FAX

Design Development