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Consultant Team Selection –
PHASEOne provides recommendations and oversees
the selection of consultants, such as architects, engineers, specialty consultants, and
inspectors.  This includes issuing Requests for Proposals for Consulting Services,
evaluating responses, conducting interviews, recommending award, and negotiating

Master Planning Leadership – A master plan must be in place prior to commissioning
of a building program.  PHASEOne helps clients evaluate their need for new or
modernized facilities.  A master plan often must be in place prior to any bond campaign.

Education Specifications Development – School Districts must develop education specifications in order to
receive state funding for any facilities development program.  PHASEOne assists the District in the evaluation,
completion, and submittal of all state requirements documentation.

Existing Facility Modernization Assessment – Prior to the modernization of any facility and in order to justify
the need for funding, existing conditions of facilities must be investigated and documented.  A facilities
assessment includes thorough inspections of all buildings and utilities systems, photographs of existing
conditions, and user interviews.  A facilities assessment report is produced and provided to the client.

Disability Access and Hazardous Materials Evaluations – Any facility that undergoes renovation must
adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act and meet all requirements for handicap accessibility.  Prior to the
start of any construction activities, it is the owner’s responsibility to oversee the abatement of all hazardous
materials (typically asbestos and lead materials). PHASEOne provides clients with surveys of existing
conditions, estimates, and oversees compliance.

School Safety/Risk Assessments – Schools are becoming increasingly sensitive to the safety of students and
faculty.  PHASEOne provides expertise in the evaluation of school safety and disaster preparedness
programs, site safety and evacuation routing, site supervision plans, access control management, monitoring
and alarm systems, as well as complete campus and facilities safety evaluations.

Infrastructure/Utilities/Technology Requirements – The heart of any building program is infrastructure,
utilities, and technology development.   We provide clients with infrastructure and utilities design expertise.  
We are also experts in the delivery of the latest in facilities technology.  We have overseen the design and
construction of complete technology systems, including wireless communication, digital education facilities, and
energy management systems.

Environmental Assessment and Site Selection Review – All new construction in the state of California must
undergo an environmental impact assessment.  PHASEOne has walked many clients through the complicated
and extended process of obtaining environmental district approval for construction.  Site selection is critical to
all building programs; we have extensive experience in assisting clients with location, evaluation, and securing
land for facilities development.
PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc., a privately held California corporation, was incorporated in December 2003.
The company offers professional construction management services primarily to California’s K-12 school districts.
For further information, contact Jack Moore, PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc.
2335 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 972-6370  (310) 972-6377 FAX

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